Personal Brand Promotion in the Labour Market

The value of a modern entrepreneur, manager or specialist lies in how many people know you, how many people find you interesting and how many people trust you. The foreground is given to each person’s uniqueness, individual success story, ability to adapt and develop novelties.

The possibility to become noticed or contacted lies in the Google search engine results which reflect the personal brand – who you are, what you do, what makes you different, what your added value is, and not in a neatly created CV. Cooperation and new contacts come from your ability to present yourself in the real life and internet environment.

Personal Branding

Personal brand is the sum total of your inherent gifts (your strengths, talents and abilities) and maturity of mind. It is how you think, what your everyday habits are, the way your brain processes information, and the way you present your ideas, aims and vision.

Your brand is how you and the world around you interact, how you perceive everything that happens around you, how you react to successes and failures.

Successful personal brand is created with awareness, it is thought-out and well-prepared.

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