About us

We are a full-cycle HR solutions agency that offers recruitment and headhunting services, HR consultations and outsourcing HR specialists, evaluatins of candidate and emplyees, emotional climate assessment, job advertisement campaigns, outplacement, trainings for teams, building of compensation and benefits system, etc. solutions for company growth.

DarbaGuru's mission:

  • help to reach the top of your business and career.

Vision of DarbaGuru:

  • to offer a a full-cycle HR services necessary for the company's growth;
  • to bring together trusted independent professionals and created system that are a continuous and growing stream of income and ongoing professional and personal growth.

We have a personalised approach to each selection or individual consultation project, therefore we understand the needs and apply the most suitable solution for reaching the aim.

Our team values are as follows – attitude, openness and responsibility.

Individual attitude and interest in what you do and how you create and maintain relationships. We have openhearted discussions about current issues and problems in the field, and their possible solutions. We believe that only respectful and open communication between the employer and employee can lead to successful cooperation to achieve the development aims set. We also believe that one of the leading characteristics of a professional is the ability to take responsibility.

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Company Information:

SIA 3A princips
Reg. No. 40103843255
VAT No. LV40103843255
Valentina street 16, K-3, 33, Riga, LV-1083
Account No. LV53HABA0551039209567
Bank: Swedbank, HABALV22

Licence No. 2/2015 issued by the State Employment Agency for providing recruitment services.