IT Specialist Selection

IT Specialist Selection

Rapid development of technologies and growing demand for qualified IT specialists on the labour market poses a challenge for every company. In this case, passive search methods such as job advertisements cannot help to recruit suitable candidates.

“IT vacancies are not easy, on the contrary – they are specific and in some way interesting. Within the recruitment process it is possible to meet specialists of various qualifications, interest in professional development and remuneration, and the correlation among these three conditions in Latvia is very relative,” admits Inga Daliba, Head of the recruitment and consultation company DarbaGuru.

DarbaGuru takes a special approach in assessing IT specialists.

Selection does not end with actively addressing candidates from the most popular CV data bases in Latvia and using LinkedIn contacts. Selection includes live job interviews during which the experience, motivation and personal qualities of candidates are clarified, as well as references from former employers are gathered and verified.

Particular attention is paid to examining technical knowledge and skills to determine a candidate’s professional level according to the requirements established by the employer. Equally important is the width of a specialist’s creative and logical horizon in solving technical problems and safety issues.

Several specialists are involved in the selection process – personnel selection specialist or recruiter, IT expert who helps to develop examination questions and practical exercises, as well as evaluates performance, and a foreign languages expert, if necessary.

The final job interview involves three parties – employer: company representative/-s (business manager, IT director, etc.), personnel selection specialist representing DarbaGuru and the candidate. Prior to the final interview the employer is introduced in writing to a detailed description of the candidate. We do not waste the employer’s time by forwarding CVs of more or less suitable candidates; we offer the employer already assessed candidates.

In 2015, DarbaGuru performed personnel selection for the following IT positions: Front-end Developer, PHP Programmer, Senior Java Developer and Junior & Senior System Administrators.

If you are interested in outsourcing personnel selection services to recruit suitable candidates for current IT vacancies in your company, contact us via, or by calling +371 29554294.